While we begin to interview original residents of the Turning Mill neighborhood, we are charmed and amazed at the brilliant and interesting settlers of this little corner of Lexington. The neighborhood began in 1957 with 3 homes: two were on Gould Road and one belonged to Lari and Don Smith on Dewey Road. We interviewed Lari, at the time almost 90 years old, in May 2016. She still lived in the home she built with her husband Don, with her son and his family including two baby twin boys. Many of her neighbors, who moved to the area after seeing her new home, still live on Dewey Street. 

Interview with Lari Smith 1926-2016, a resident of Dewey Road in Lexington since 1957.

Fern and Phil Schaffer have lived on Partridge Road since 1966. Phil was an engineer and Fern started a catering business with a friend, and they have both remained very involved with Paint Rock Pool, which they say has been a social center for the neighborhood since the 60s.