30 Turning Mill Rd will be coming on the market.


"This is one of only 2 Lucy Rapaport designed homes in the Turning Mill neighborhood and it is beautifully updated and maintained. It is approximately 3000 sf of living space with a full basement that includes a den and a large woodworking shop where a former owner designed and made fine contemporary furniture. The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. An expansion to the house resulted in a large master suite with bedroom, bathroom and sitting area. Below the master suite, a dining room and family room are open to the kitchen. The woodworking shop is below the addition spaces.

The current . The house is in excellent condition and has all newer windows. The property also has a 2-car garage and parking for at least 3 other cars. The house is set approximately 100 feet from the street allowing mature plantings to create wonderful screening and privacy. The rear of the property opens to a woodland setting which is one of the characteristic hallmarks of the Turning Mill neighborhood - a unique enclave of approximately 150 architect designed mid-century homes. The woodland divide that exists between Turning Mill Rd and Demar Rd is essentially a private forest. The .76 acre, 33,000 sf lot is typical for the Turning Mill neighborhood. The former owners, Carol and Jules Siegel, lived in and cared for the house for almost 50 years.

Bob Creech

Maintenance and Upgrades

If you are thinking of selling your home remember two things:

1) Put it on the market - don't make a private sale to a builder. We've looked at the numbers and you will always make more on the open market.

2) People will pay the most money when they love your home - not when they want to tear it down.

Our Non-Standard Homes - Contractors and trades-people we've used and liked

The following is a list of venders who have successfully worked on houses in our neighborhood and other neighborhoods with similar architecture. Everyone on this list has had positive working interactions and can provide references to that effect. Our goal is to provide easy options by introducing tradespeople that are familiar with these homes and are interested in the preservation and protection of the esthetic.  Please email us if you have names you'd like to add to this list.


Colin Smith,

Tom Harden, (781) 652-8297,

Dorit Trajman (designed 15 Turning Mill) 781.862.0165,

Timothy Techler, 617 969-1937   TTECHLER@TECHLERDESIGN.COM

Dan Hisel,617.547.3151,

Michael Samra, 

General Contractors

Patriot Custom Homes, Dylan and Anson James, 781-750-8889,,

Scott Kyle, 781-860-0006,

David Gianetta, 781-953-4452,

Doug Touart, 781.844.9167,

Ben Soule 781-863-9571


Martin Julien 508.631.4030


EDC Glass Co
Carl Norberg Clerestory Windows (triangle windows on Peacock farm houses)


Jasiel Abreau +1 (978) 516-8242

Tiling/Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen Renovation


Geothermal USA, Bob Pauline

Landscaping and Tree Maintenance


Additions - in the neighborhood

Heating System Options

Creech Family - Buderus and Unico Heating System
Southworth/Ziporyn - Geothermal Ground-source Heat Pump

Dehumidification and air conditioning options

Creech Family - Unico Central A/C
Southworth/Ziporyn - Geothermal Ground-source Heat Pump


Bob Creech - Clerestory Window Project
Bob Creech - Pella Window Project
Southworth/Ziporyn - Alpen Window Project


Southworth/Ziporyn - Entry Door



Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Mold Remediation / Insulation

OUR OUTREACH TEAM - Diane Pursley - Bob Creech- Tina McBride - Amantha Tsoros - Beth Zonis - Christine Southworth - Susanna Whitman - Linda Wolk - Glen Bartolini - Sally Cassells - Phil & Fern Schaffer

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Updated proposed Turning Mill NCD Bylaw (incorporating the neighborhood feedback we have received and reviewed by Town Counsel)

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Final Study Committee Report on Turning Mill which recommends the NCD designation